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Bringing together some of Los Angeles' most unique and gifted artists and filmmakers, The Heartbreak Artists invite you to an annual night of celebration and catharsis in honoring one of the most common of all human experiences. 

The Beginning

Putting a modern spin on the traditional Gallery Art Event, over 100 people attended the first Heart Beats in 2020, which featured live musical performances, a film block, live painting, and one of a kind artwork that captured the essence of what the journey through heartbreak looks and feels like.

cristie art_edited.jpg

The Evolution

In a combination of video, live Zoom calls and virtual walkthroughs Heart Beats 2.0 was an epic 3 day immersive experience that brought the art gallery to viewer.

The Future

In 2022 this unique and captivating Art Gallery is back in person! Join us in March 5 for another night of art, film, and celebration. 



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