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Sarah Henderson-Brannon

Sarah Henderson-Brannon is a New Orleans based artist. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she gained an appreciation for art in multiple forms. Completely self taught she is traditionally a abstract/ impressionistic  artist, but now she finds herself exploring mixed media with a combination of different disciplines. 



Augustus A.A.M

HEART BEATS 2022 featured artist, @Augustusaam earned his Bachelors in Fashion Design. After landing an internship with the highly respected Fear of God clothing line, Augustus went on to receive a full-time position with Fear of God. His creativity and design propelled him to Milan and the Paris Fashion Week of 2020.  Although Augustus is a talented fashion designer, his highest calling and deeply rooted passion is drawing and painting.  His work merges surrealism, the astract, Christian mysticism, and black culture. 



Connor photo.jpg
Connor Kelly - Eiding

Connor Kelly-Eiding is an actor and artist from Van Nuys, CA. She attended the L.A. County High School for the Arts and got her BFA in acting from USC. She has been described on more than one occasion by separate individuals as “coltish.” (She is okay with this description). Connor has been seen onstage with many theater companies across LA, on television, in films, and her voice can be heard in video games, audiobooks, and the English dub for a new German Netflix show. She has also trained and performed as a clown. She feels that THAT particular work has hugely impacted her life and philosophy and it has influenced her artwork in a big way. In addition to inspiring laughter (and sometimes fear, ugh) clowning, at its core, has much to do with sharing that which feels most vulnerable and exposing, with publicly celebrating “failure.” In general that became a mission of sorts for a lot of her drawings - to share the things that felt scariest to share in the hopes that someone else just might be feeling them too. Much to her excitement and relief, that appears to frequently be the case. She believes there is healing to be found through art and community. Connor loves reading, hiking, taking photos, road-trips, meditation, Motown and Yacht Rock (unfortunately?), being onstage, intersectional feminism, wearing overalls, spending time connecting with the wonderful humans in her life, and living with her partner and love Daniel. She works for the women's advocacy group A Case for Women, and is planning to apply soon for Masters programs in Clinical Psychology with the hopes of starting school in Fall 2020. 


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